fiSave - The Collaborative Marketplace

Buying Groups Fail

'Buying Groups' fail because they lack domain expertise and suffer from a critical limitation of available products. Fundamentally, 'buying groups' are designed to fail due to an inherent structural flaw. There exists an operational disconnect between the corporate consumer and the buyer at the group. Since the 'buying group' is an external organization actionable data is stale at best, if it exists at all. This leads to a very limited pool of static offerings that do not reflect the changing needs of the company.

Market Maker Solution

Our domain experts and software guide the product and service acquisition life-cycle from specifications generation through payment to warranty management. As part of your daily operational infrastructure, we have no product or service limitations. If your need solution exists in the global marketplace, then it is available through fiSave.

Aggregation Engine

We speak with a thousand voices in the marketplace of products and services. Tier 1 providers seek us because our promise is to virtually deliver thousands of corporate consumers to the marketplace as one. Only NaviSource can do this because we are embedded within your organization at the operational level. We monitor consumption and generate future use data for each product and service which allows us to calculate aggregation rolling forward in real-time.


With our help, you can reduce your costs without changing the way you work, and without sacrificing either quality or service.