Intro to Business Process Management (BPM)

Navisource BackOffice: BPM for Spend

We enable Straight-Thru-Processing for indirect spend to address the complex system of non-core management.

We empower procure-to-pay-to-distribution which moves the asset or product from conception & research, through proofing and workgroup collaboration, achieving expense authorization, to production then directly to your corporate users regardless of location.

We deliver asset-to-consumption-to-end of life management. We monitor the asset or product as it is used, automatically addressing warranty issues and include recycling reclamation upon end of life.

We embody service as an asset to manage contract compliance, automatically addressing issues with the service provider.

We establish fully allocated branch accounting tracing all costs associated with the asset, product or service lifecycle and allocating them to the correct cost centers.

We manifest this elegant singular system to conduct all tasks electronically without the need for re-keying or manual intervention.

We incorporate managed demand to make sure no one runs out of a product, to eliminate over production leading to dead inventories, to eliminate service and license lapses, and to reduce expense.

We exemplify a replacement for the ugly and the expensive. Without our straight-thru-processing, the resource management lifecycle, from initiation to settlement to distribution, is a bloody mess. It is a complex labyrinth of manual processes, many taking several days, using a hodgepodge of software applications distributed across several departments and vendors.

Assets Accounting Distribution Procurement Requisition Tasks Savings

Click the image below to view case studies before and after NaviSource implementation.

STP Example