Fiscal Accountability
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Paul Parrish, CEO
One Nevada ($1B Assets)

Spend Reduction

Human Nature

Human nature is a funny thing. Provide a framework for manager oversight and throw in competition among peer groups and you have an environment for amazing performance. Without reducing prices one cent we were able to generate savings of nearly 50% by harnessing the best of human nature.

Price Reduction

Professional Procurement

It is amazing what certified procurement officers can accomplish when they enter the marketplace. We are seeing even larger than 42% savings opportunities through our managed buying groups.

Measured Efficiency

New Capabilities Empower Your Employees

“ Value as a Service ” by helping our customers maximize their spend under management, automate invoice payment, achieve touch-less branch accounting, and digitally integrate supply distribution channels to achieve significant cost savings and drive profitability.

Effortlessly manage multiple locations and oversee employees in distant offices.

NaviSource: Fiscal Accountability
With NaviSource, you can consolidate and control all your spend as well as manage product lifecycle after the buy, on a single, integrated platform in the cloud.
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