Issue Resolution

Accounting Nightmare

Receiving scores of shipments daily across hundreds of locations, each site must forward bill of lading/packing list information noting defective, short or incorrect products from which accounting must correlate with the vendor's corresponding invoice. Replacement orders, returns and credits must be associated and correctly allocated. Incorrect invoices must not be paid as presented, error documentation laboriously associated to invoices.

Accounting Dream

No product is purchased, no pre-paid stock item allocated until an employee of the client confirms receipt. Replacement orders and returns are instant and automatic. The accounting department has real time information. Since the client in effect invoices himself there can be no invoice errors.

Invoice Affliction

Multiple individuals process scores of vendor invoices every day.

Prudent Payment

One individual, two days per month, ten minutes per day. Accounting is only presented with pre-approved documented invoices.

Maladjusted Distress

Each month multiple employees labor several days in frenetic attempt to balance GL accounts.

Real Reconciliation

Month end reconciliation, one person three minutes to the penny.

Manager Madness

Do you know which manager is running the tightest ship?

Manager Honesty

Real-time cost analysis. Know which branch or cost center is pulling its' weight, isolate and excise fat.

Incomplete Audit Trail

Would it take a group of foresinc accountants months to make sense of your expense history?

Happy Trails

Cost center, prepaid audit, prepaid allocation, passthrough allocation, preliminary allocation. Know who spent what and where.