Issue Resolution


Multiple distribution centers, scores of employees, and corporate delivery fleets. Must absorb the cost of products damaged and lost within the process.


National distribution infrastructure zero cost.

Shrinkage Horror

Loss of products between point of purchase and point of use. Surveys report loss of from 2% to 6% of spend. Causes of shrinkage include damage in transit or in storage, unauthorized use, theft, spoilage, variation, hidden loss, shipping errors, warehouse discrepancies, misplaced goods and vendor fraud.

Shrinkage Elimination

Reported inventories are audited and guaranteed. Any loss due to shrinkage is credited to your GL.

Freight Expense

High frequency of multiple shipments effectively paying twice for freight, in to distribution centers / stock rooms out to end users.

Freight Savings

Cyclic environment aggregates shipments savings up to 40%.

Picking Errors

The larger the enterprise employing multiple centers with scores of employees the more haphazard and inconsistent order fulfillment.

Picking Accuracy

99.998% accurate utilizing ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities errors statistically insignificant.

Receiving Confusion

Labor intensive receiving orders daily to identify which final user each product is destined for, incorrect allocation is a major problem as cost centers billed for products not received effectively underwrite the operations expense for other cost centers.

Receiving Elegance

An every day process is reduced to two hours per month. Every user receives correct product and allocation.

Business Recovery

When it exists requires plan design and on going management. Requires additional secure off-site storage for mission critical products. Expensive to maintain and risks product spoilage and obsolescence due to lack of product rotation.

True Recovery

Business recovery program: free. Utilizing VSB™ data and underground vaults the correct amount of product is stored and rotated.