Issue Resolution


What is the best product, where do I source and how do I get the best price?


If it's not power and water then it's OneSource™, best price through massive aggregation and global bidding.

Product Scramble

Procurement staff must earn a PhD in Research to stay on top of mission critical products, services and market innovations.

Product Symphony

Through our relationships with approximately 4,500 independent manufacturing and service companies, including paper mills, paper converters, variable data output facilities, plastics converters, office supplies manufacturers, motor carriers, fulfillment centers, cold storage facilities, and software developers, we select the appropriate production and transportation mix for your operations. As an integral part of our services, we provide a wide range of value-added services, such as supply chain analysis, freight consolidation, core program management, competitive bidding, product analysis and hosted enterprise software for procurement, requisition, distribution and accounting management.

Stocking Havoc

Prime Directive: The procurement team must maintain sufficient inventory to enable operations. Pricing and total cost are secondary concerns. This leads to massive inventories of dead stock using static reorder points.

Stocking Harmony

Our VSB™ technology uses multiple criteria including available inventory, rate of usage across the enterprise, manufacturing time and market conditions to determine the optimal reorder amount. Using this information we are able to aggregate similar items for massive discounts. For example, a 25M purchase of envelopes can be placed with a 1MM order effectively reducing the cost 80% on the small purchase. Utilizing real-time usage information at the user level we eliminate potential for dead inventory.


As best subject to prime directive.


Annual contracted savings.

Warranty Fiction

Hundreds of vendors each with a different process and policy requires procurement officers to become not only product experts but also vendor experts. Users must refer issues to procurement staff who must then manage the issue which may also require corrections by accounting staff.

Warranty Assurance

Not Correct Replace Immediately (NCRI), we manage all product warranty issues. User simply opens a ticket, no other action required.